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Estonia company formation

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What is the e-resident card of Estonia?

Estonia company formation requires the e-residency card. E-residency card is a card that allows you to sign any documents from Estonian companies or the state by means of an electronic signature. The e-residency card is not an identity document and does not give a person the right to reside in Estonia or the EU. This card only gives the right to sign documents electronically in Estonia.

Advantages of company formation in Estonia

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No income tax.

There is no retained earnings tax in Estonia, that is. e. If you do not take money from the company for business purposes, you will not have income tax.

Company management remotely.

Thanks to the e-resident card, you can manage your company from anywhere in the world, and you can also delegate your authority to an Estonian representative, for example, to file tax returns on your company.

European jurisdiction.

Estonia is a member of the European Union and all European directives and laws are in force. European Union law took precedence over Estonian law.

Tax preferences for company formation in Estonia

Estonian legislation provides for 0 per cent rates for enterprises that have not distributed profits. Zero is maintained if the company does not conduct business in the jurisdiction, does not sell goods or services to tax residents. After the dividends are formed, they will be charged 25%. For corporate tax there is also a zero rate. Before profit distribution, a company in Estonia may:

  • accumulate funds in Estonian banks;
  • reinvest within a zero-tax regime;
  • take foreign economic loans – will be taxed only interest, and not the «body» of the loan.


How to open a company in Estonia?

  1. You can open a company in Estonia with the help of e-residency card.
  2. If you already have an e-residency card (e-resindency ID card), the company can be opened immediately. The company will be registered the next day.
  3. In order to register a company, you need to contact us, pass the verification of KYC and then we ourselves will prepare a statement in the commercial register, you will only have to sign it.